Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How To Use iStick 50W

Maybe some of you have already had an iStick 50W or are about to buy one. Before that, you may wanna know how to use it. So follow me, I'll tell you.

How to turn on/off

you can power it on or off by 5 consecutive clicks on the button.

How to Switch the VV/VW mode

Press the square button for three times to switch the VV/VW mode when the battery is turned on. In VV mode, you can adjust output voltage between 2.0V - 10.0V. In VW mode, you can adjust output wattage between 5W - 50W.

How to Adjust the voltage/wattage

Press the up-and-down arrow buttons to increase or decrease the voltage/wattage. Keep pressing the up/down arrow button, voltage/wattage will increase or decrease slowly at first, then they will increase/decrease at a constant high speed. The number will stop increasing/decreasing when you loosen the up/down arrow button.

How to charge

iStick 50W can be charged through USB port near the top of battery. It will take 5 hours to charge the battery via 1A wall adaptor.

So do you know how to use it? Doesn't easy to operate? Learn more at Eleaf

Monday, June 5, 2017

Best Price for ikonn 220 with ELLO Kit

iKonn 220 with ELLO Kit, is the newest ikonn series starter kit by Eleaf, Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the iKonn 220 provides a maximum power of 220W, an upgradeable firmware alongside with a big 0.91-inch screen that offers a concise and clear interface with two separate battery bars. It features a battery balancing trickle charge system and a 2A quick charge capability. The innovative RC adapter will convert the iKonn 220's 510 connection into a USB output for power bank mode. The ELLO atomizer that features new powerful HW coils and retractable top fill system, pairs with the iKonn 220 perfectly for cloud chasers.
The original price is $49.90
The now price just only need $44.9
Owner: Eleaf disributor
Shop method: online
Url: http://www.istick.org/eleaf-ikonn-220-with-ello-starter-kit.html

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A New Smart Projector brand launched

As a projetor, Intelligence and removability are more and more popular, today recommend a new brand for smart projector, just is "Toumei".

Why choose Toumei?
1, R & D Ability
More than 50 R & D engineers respectively work on industrial design, construction, electronics, software and so on, providing strong support for our customers OEM & ODM. Hundreds of patents we own guarantee the uniqueness of product design to meet customers' requirement.
2, Quality Control
Through ISO 9000/14000 certification, we have a complete quality control system. Laboratory, based on UL safety standards was established to solve the security and reliability issues. The co-operation with many well-known international brands makes us have the more profound understanding of product quality.
3, Production Capacity
We provide one-stop manufacturing services for customers, from mold to injection, from SMT to assemble, all the key processes are accomplished in TouMei.
4. Strategic Cooperation
TouMei has established the strategic partnership with a lot of well-known brands and customers, but also kept cooperative relationship with key suppliers, being committed to providing quality products and excellent services to our customers.

Provide Two main projector (both with Android system):
Toumei C800i, Samrt Pocket Projector, the size just like a phone, built-in 4200mAh battery.
Toumei V3, Intelligence 3D Projector, with 300lumens, 1080p HD projection

Friday, February 3, 2017

Protections and Alerts of iStick 200W TC Mod

The following protections and alerts, hope you can know iStick TC200W better.
1. Atomizer Protection: Each time when vaping time exceeds 10 seconds, the output shuts off automatically with “Over 10s” display on the screen.
2. Atomizer Low Alert: When the resistance of coil is lower than 0.1ohm in VW mode or lower than 0.05ohm in TC modes, the screen will display “Atomizer Low”.
3. Atomizer Short-circuit & No Atomizer Protection: When atomizer short-circuit occurs, the OLED screen will display “Atomizer Short”. The screen will display “No Atomizer” when there is no atomizer connected.
4. Low-voltage Protection: When the voltage of the cell is below 3.1V, the screen will first display “Battery Low” and then “Lock”. Charge the cells to reactivate the device.
5. Temperature Protection: In TC modes, when the actual temperature of coil reaches the set temperature, the screen will display "Temp Protection". You can continue to use the device normally.
6. Temperature Alert: If the temperature of device is over alert temperature, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display “Device Too Hot”. You can continue to vape after it cools down.
7. Weak Battery Alert: In all vaping modes, when the device is working with an atomizer and the voltage of the cell drops below 2.9V, the screen will display “Weak Battery”. Meanwhile, the output power will be reduced accordingly.
8. Imbalanced Alert: If the voltage difference between two cells is equal to or more than 0.3V, the device will display “Imbalanced” when plugged in. Please fully charge the cells externally or replace the cells with freshly charged cells.
9. Check Battery Alert: If the cells are installed incorrectly, the screen will display “Check Battery”.
10. Charge Error Alert: When no current is detected in charging state, the screen will display “Charge Error”.
11. Check USB Alert: If the voltage of the USB charger is equal to or more than 5.8V, the device will display “check USB” when plugged in or vaping.
Pay attention to us, you can get more informations about Eleaf products, we can help you to know it better, never let you down.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wismec RX300 iS So Hot Now !

Wismec Reuleaux RX300 , designed by Jaybo, is a for battery mod and is a new masterpiece form Wismec . the RX300 Mod can reach up to 300W output power. Together with stainless steel spring-loaded 510 thread and 0.96-inch display, Reuleaux RX300 will bring a great vaping experience to you. silver, silver carbon fiber, black and black carbon fiber. the carbon fiber one is a little expensive than the regular one . it is really hor now !
It is in stock at Wismec Official Authorized Online Store,  Click Here To know more about RX300 .

Monday, November 28, 2016

I Fell In Love with Kanger Tank

Been using Kanger Toptank Nano for a few weeks and love this little guy and top fill convenience. not to good for chain vaping because it will get warm fast but massive flavor and clouds. still getting used to the SSOCC coils but i also use my old square OCC coils in the kanger toptank nano as well. i also have been using the original kanger subtank for 5 months which is huge in comparison but everything is the same as far as cloud, flavor and vapor production between this two .I Think I fell in love with Kanger Tank .


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

7 Reasons I Choose Noisy Cricket II

I Love Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 Box Mod ,here is the reasons :

1. Updated Version of Noisy Cricket Mod
2. Multiple Circuit Protection Systems
3. Optional Circuit in Series and Parallel
4. Replaceable 18650 Cells Structure
5. Alternative Operating Mode
6. Unique Design of Adjustable Voltage
7. Battery Display Function

If you also like it ,and want to buy , click here !

Wednesday, September 21, 2016