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The summer beach sports, double four steps to teach you lose fat


The beach must be a lot of people like to go to places in the summer, sunshine on the beach or play is a very pleasant thing. Studies have found that, on the beach than on flat ground motion to consume twice as many calories and exercise can reduce on the beach to the impact of the body, reduce the generation of muscle injury.

When we are standing on the beach, your feet are not on the ground, but is stuck in the sand, the foot steps on not to stand on the ground so steady, this leads to the action on the ground at ordinary times is very easy to do, to do on the beach will increase the difficulty of the big, need pay more energy to complete. In addition, the movement on the beach, also will be more protect the bones and muscles.

Summer, although more and more people like to go to the gym, but on the beach games consumes nearly double the quantity of heat, than to go to the gym and after the movement, won't feel so sore muscles. Summer sports to the beach, there are three considerations, before you go to the beach is close friends certainly good oh.

First, put on your running shoes

Beach, hard to avoid can have hard hard objects in motion on the beach must pay attention to protect your feet, so be sure to put on your running shoes, and put on your running shoes and ease the fatigue. Walk on the beach at ordinary times, if you like barefoot barefoot, but don't bare feet again when I was in the sports.

Second, smearing vaseline

Movement on the beach, will inevitably have some sand into the shoes, socks, sand and skin friction, it is easy to produce blister on his foot, to wear shoes also can produce, so we can be on my feet and calves coated with vaseline, so you can avoid to produce the blisters.

Three, slow motion to do

Movement on the beach, remember to do the whole body of slow motion, at this time if a visit to swim in the water is a good choice oh, can make movement work better.

Summer on the beach sports, must do is prevented bask in Daidaihua, had better choose waterproof sunscreen, every one hour should be touched up.

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