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How To Use iStick 50W

Maybe some of you have already had an iStick 50W or are about to buy one. Before that, you may wanna know how to use it. So follow me, I'll tell you.

How to turn on/off

you can power it on or off by 5 consecutive clicks on the button.

How to Switch the VV/VW mode

Press the square button for three times to switch the VV/VW mode when the battery is turned on. In VV mode, you can adjust output voltage between 2.0V - 10.0V. In VW mode, you can adjust output wattage between 5W - 50W.

How to Adjust the voltage/wattage

Press the up-and-down arrow buttons to increase or decrease the voltage/wattage. Keep pressing the up/down arrow button, voltage/wattage will increase or decrease slowly at first, then they will increase/decrease at a constant high speed. The number will stop increasing/decreasing when you loosen the up/down arrow button.

How to charge

iStick 50W can be charged through USB port near the top of battery. It will take 5 hours to charge the battery via 1A wall adaptor.

So do you know how to use it? Doesn't easy to operate? Learn more at Eleaf

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