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Put An End To Fakes And Support Genuine Products

In recent years, the brand of Eleaf has been developing better and better, and has been welcomed by more and more people. Its products are found in many countries. it has exquisite shape, easy to use and easy to carry, so many people like Eleaf. Now most people buy Eleaf’s products in online stores. Many people use this product, but there are more and more "black heart" businessmen. These black hearted businessmen are deceptive.
Many black hearted businesses use cheap shoddy products to impersonate ELeaf’s products. They made huge profits from counterfeit products. Such behavior not only threatens our personal safety, but also brings economic losses. This behavior of Black hearted business will affect everyone's feelings and trust in the product. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of people, please strongly boycott cheap shoddy products. Finally, I hope you can support genuine products and purchase products from the official authorized websites. The only official authorized online store of Eleaf is Eleaf® iStick E-Cigarettes Vape Online Store - Factory authorization.

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