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Protections and Alerts of iStick 200W TC Mod

The following protections and alerts, hope you can know iStick TC200W better.
1. Atomizer Protection: Each time when vaping time exceeds 10 seconds, the output shuts off automatically with “Over 10s” display on the screen.
2. Atomizer Low Alert: When the resistance of coil is lower than 0.1ohm in VW mode or lower than 0.05ohm in TC modes, the screen will display “Atomizer Low”.
3. Atomizer Short-circuit & No Atomizer Protection: When atomizer short-circuit occurs, the OLED screen will display “Atomizer Short”. The screen will display “No Atomizer” when there is no atomizer connected.
4. Low-voltage Protection: When the voltage of the cell is below 3.1V, the screen will first display “Battery Low” and then “Lock”. Charge the cells to reactivate the device.
5. Temperature Protection: In TC modes, when the actual temperature of coil reaches the set temperature, the screen will display "Temp Protection". You can continue to use the device normally.
6. Temperature Alert: If the temperature of device is over alert temperature, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display “Device Too Hot”. You can continue to vape after it cools down.
7. Weak Battery Alert: In all vaping modes, when the device is working with an atomizer and the voltage of the cell drops below 2.9V, the screen will display “Weak Battery”. Meanwhile, the output power will be reduced accordingly.
8. Imbalanced Alert: If the voltage difference between two cells is equal to or more than 0.3V, the device will display “Imbalanced” when plugged in. Please fully charge the cells externally or replace the cells with freshly charged cells.
9. Check Battery Alert: If the cells are installed incorrectly, the screen will display “Check Battery”.
10. Charge Error Alert: When no current is detected in charging state, the screen will display “Charge Error”.
11. Check USB Alert: If the voltage of the USB charger is equal to or more than 5.8V, the device will display “check USB” when plugged in or vaping.
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