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Three ways can help you improve your fitness


Nowadays, people not only attach importance to the abundant life but also care more about the life quality. They are increasingly keen on the fitness and change the lifestyles to strengthen the health. The following three ways can help you a lot.
Not only should we be getting enough hours of sleep nightly, research on sportsmen has shown that extending our sleep window can actually boost athletic performance the following day. Alongside this, sleep can aid healing and is important for the recovery processes that our bodies perform each night. Scientific research supports the importance of sleep in allowing muscles to rebuild, which is particularly important after a strenuous workout. If you’re trying to lose weight, a lack of sleep may even increase your appetite, making you hungry, or encourage you to make poorer nutritional choices. Research carried out on healthy “good sleepers” has indicated that poor sleep has the potential to impact negatively on mood, pain thresholds, immune functioning and glucose metabolism. In other words, both your mind and your body can be affected by fluctuations in the quality of your sleep.
Stretching before bed increases the chances of getting a good night’s sleep and, if you do it in the morning, it makes you feel energetic and kicks your day off nicely. And doing yoga releases the flow of energy in your body so you are more in tune with it.
A study has even shown that doing yoga twice a week can significantly increase flexibility and endurance after just 8 weeks. Stretching and yoga are also a great choice for you during those times when you are not at all motivated to get fit. Be able to take each stretch that bit further as the weeks go on gives you the encouragement.
It’s easier on your knees than running and a longer walk can burn a similar number of calories as a short run. A brisk walk is even better and they’ve even been shown to improve endurance.  Additionally, research has shown that they can be beneficial for the heart and blood pressure. And if you adhere to this habit, you can improve your sleep quality.

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