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Electronic cigarettes are forbidden to see what would happen

CASSA is all the way American consumers choose cigarette alternative products association, the association at the end of 2015 surveyed nearly 20000 electronic cigarette users, the American electronic cigarette users is about 2 million, sampling rate is about 1% 。
CASSA's first assumption is electronic cigarettes are banned completely. In this case, more than five points with electronic cigarette successfully quit smoking, one of the users indicate that they will start to smoke, 50% of the electronic cigarette smoking occasionally users say they will increase the proportion of the smoke. More than 90% of respondents indicated that they would from the black market, overseas mail order or from mill purchasing oil smoke.
CASSA's second hypothesis is only a kind of cigarette electronic cigarette products are allowed to sell, other electronic cigarette products are blocked, there will be only limited such as tobacco, mint flavors to choose from, this product close to taste and cigarettes. In this case, one of more than five points have been using electronic smoke quit users indicate that they will start to smoke, 46% of users are still smoking electronic cigarettes that they will increase in the use of cigarettes. There are more than 90% of the electronic cigarette users to think that they will buy from black market or other sources of electronic cigarettes.
CASSA's third assumption is that all the banned tobacco and mint flavor products. In this case, the success of 14% with cigarette smoking electronic cigarettes user will start to smoke, more than a third at the same time the use of cigarettes and joyetech evic vt mini electronic cigarette users shows that can increase the use of cigarettes.
More than 90% of the respondents indicated that either control, they will find other channels to buy electronic cigarette products.
From the result of the investigation is not hard to find, the choice of the taste is very important for the electronic cigarette users. Limited taste choice makes many electronic cigarette users lose interest in electronic cigarettes.
The FDA regulation is likely to require every February 15, 2007 after the release of products, all need to pass a very expensive audit, called PMTA. Through PMTA audit for each product need to pay up to the huge cost of $2 million to $10 million. And such a high threshold destroys more than 99% of the products and brands.

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