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3 Tips You Should Know To Using An RDA

We feel that it is only necessary to inform you with basic tips to using an RDA.By informing you on these tips, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle and frustration.
Throat-Hit: Just like the flavor and vapor production, the throat-hit will increase as well. This means, the throat-hit your nicotine provides will be much stronger.In fact, the throat-hit will likely be enough to where you can't vape it.Most users who switch to an RDA will drop their nicotine level.

High VG E-Liquid: When using an RDA, you'll want to look for higher VG E-Liquids or liquids that do not contain a higher percentage of PG.  Though PG is known to increase the flavor, it often seems too much when used in an RDA. In addition, using a higher VG e-liquid will increase your vapor production.

Increased E-Liquid Amount:  When you use an RDA, you'll typically run lower resistance coils, thus causing you to vaporize more e-liquid.  Switching to an RDA, you'll notice that you go through more e-liquid.  Since you're using more e-liquid and still receiving a good nicotine intake, some moderate their vaping times more than when they used clearomizers.

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