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How To Fill The Tank?

When I get the atomizer, its appearance seems normal. I have to say it's a miracle! Eleaf created an awesome tank. First, the appearance is clean and clear. The tank is simple, but it seems to be a high-level part. It is called Eleaf GSTurbo atomizer. When I first opened the package, what surprised me was that it has a top filling design. Normally, top filling usually brings hot vapor and oil droplets, and this atomizer is not affected. Next, let's see how to fill the tank by the top system.

First, we should screw off the atomizer base. Then, we slowly fill the e-liquid through the side slot. After filling the e-liquid, we'll screw the atomizer head back. The operation of filling tank is so simple. You can operate your Eleaf GSTurbo vape tank. This atomizer, used with Eleaf iStick Trim mod, will give you a perfect vaping experience.

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